SecPro Security Professionals

We are a leading company in providing services and comprehensive solutions in Cybersecurity and Information Security. Our mission is to offer our clients solutions that support the sustainable development of their organizations, in the safest way possible.

To achieve this mission, we have developed, structured and consolidated a Portfolio of Services, based on a Corporate Security Model, aimed at discovering, preventing, controlling, neutralizing and reducing any events that represent a risk of alteration, loss or unavailability of information, as well as the information systems used to allow authorized access to it within the organization.

We maintain a wide portfolio conformed of solutions supported by a solid infrastructure of Professional Services, which is based on a team of expert consultants and engineers, who have the most recognized international certifications awarded by the industry and extensive experience with companies from different economic sectors in North, Central and South America.

SecPro Security Professional’s demand is driven by innovation and the evolution of our clients needs and comprises the following services:

  • Strategic security services                                                      
    •  Gap Analysis

    •  Iso27001

    • NIST Framework

    • Construction of security policies  

  • Diagnostic services    
    • On-demand and automated vulnerabilities analysis

    • Pentesting (Black, grey or white box)

    • Ethical Hacking

    • Pruebas de Seguridad de Aplicación (Análisis Dinámico – DAST)

    • Source code analysis ( Static Analysis-SAST)

    • Load and Stress Testing for Services and Applications

    • Social engineering  

  • Digital monitoring
    • Brand protection 
    • Reputation review
  • Active protection of web services
    • Load balancing
    • Web application firewall
    • Content delivery network
    • Deny of Service-DoS/Distributed Denial of Service-DDoS
    • Secure DNS
  • Forensic Informatics
    • Forensic computing
    • Data recovery
    • Advanced malware analysis

  • iCSOC
    • Supervision
    • Correlation
    • Security intelligence
    • UBA / UEBA
  • Outsourcing of informatic security
  • Education
    • Awareness campaigns
    • Conferences
    • International certification courses
      • Ec-Council
      • ISC2
      • DRI
    • Own certification courses in attendance
      • Red Team
      • Blue Team
    • Virtual academy online
      • Red Team
      • Blue Team
      • Seminars, workshops and customized laboratories

We seek to establish long-term alliances with our clients, providing services that allow them to reduce the levels of risk and fraud in which organizations are constantly exposed, through the implementation of protection and control strategies that help them achieve their business objectives and optimize the profitability of their investments in information security.