Active protection of Web services

We seek to mitigate, protect and optimize the security, performance and reliability of all your web services:

Load Balancing

Through the cloud service we are able to distribute the traffic equally and intelligently to each and every web server that the organization has available, generating efficiency and better service delivery to the end customer.

WAF Service

This service examines in depth the traffic directed to your website, detecting different types of attacks such as: SQLi, XSS, RFI, obfuscation, WebShell, among others.

Protected CDN

The content delivery network allows your web presence to never be affected, no matter the size or nature of the attack your servers are receiving; with the CDN we can guarantee your permanent online presence.

Mitigation – DDos 

The attack mitigation stack we use allows us to detect and stop all kinds of DoS and DDoS attacks from Syn Flooding, ICMP Flooding, Smart Http, Volumetric, etc. Offering the highest level of protection and security for your website.

Secure DNS 

Currently, one of the preferred attacks by cyber criminals is DNS hijacking; with Secure DNS, we are able to validate the identity and nature of DNS queries by protecting resolution traffic with DKIM-type technologies, digital certificates, among others.