Diagnostic services

On-demand and automated vulnerability analysis

Execution of automated and manual tests to identify published and known vulnerabilities within different technological infrastructures.

Pentesting Black, Grey or White Box

Detection and Checking in Black, Grey or White Box format, of detected security vulnerabilities or failures, based on OWASP, LPT, OSSTMM, ISAF methodologies, etc.

Ethical Hacking

In this exercise we search for risks and flaws not detected by the Vulnerability Analysis or Pentesting, using the same methods, techniques and tools used by cybercriminals, but in a controlled and authorized way.

Static and Dynamic Code Analysis

Static and runtime revision, of applications source code type client-server or mobile applications under international standards of best practices focused on security and secure development.

Load and Stress Testing for Services and Applications

They make it possible to detect performance problems in applications, evaluate whether they meet customer needs before publication, and determine application responses at different levels of use once published.

Social Engineering

We perform diagnostic tests aimed to find out the level of awareness of people, through different tests, such as: controlled phishing campaigns, impersonation of websites, impersonation of staff, impersonation by phone calls, abandoned USB’s, etc.