Interactive conferences

We make our conferences a totally different experience for attendees by presenting clear and concise content along with practices taken from real situations.

To be more specific we will initially explain what you will NEVER expect at our conferences:

  • Speaker explaining topics using only PowerPoint slides as a resource.
  • Recommendations “Veiled or Subliminal” about manufacturers or technologies related to the topic discussed.
  • Pre-recorded videos with demonstrations that are NOT understood, nor do they look good, nor do we know if they work in a real environment.
  • Commercial material of any kind.
  • Monotony of presentation.
  • Dense or complex subjects explained in denser or unintelligible technical language.
  • Questions at the end of the Conference.

Now, let’s talk about what you can expect at our conferences:

  • All lectures include LIVE and REAL-TIME demonstrations.
  • High-impact demonstrations with advanced techniques.
  • Latest Contents with latest Examples.
  • Ability to respond to any type of concern not only about the subject matter of the conference but also about the issues that the audience considers relevant.
  • Freedom to ask questions when they wish, during the conference.
  • Permanent interaction with the audience.
  • Personalized content.
  • Speakers with over 15 years of experience in audience management and body language.
  • Amusing, digestible and understandable content for each type of audience/sector:
    • Managers/ executives.
    • Technicians
    • Users

Some of our Conferences, without limiting ourselves to generating tailor-made content, are described below: